XS Plants for sale


Plants are now being offered for sale, starting in 2024.

Initially these are available for collection from Harden's Gap by appointment, or from the plant fairs/open garden events that I will be attending in 2024; please see "Buying/Visiting" for details

More details to follow.

Pacific Coast Iris in the garden

This is a website created by Rob Gill to sell plants, mainly iris or unusual perennials, that are 'excess to requirements'.

This is not a commercial enterprise, the purpose being to fund future plant acquisitions and other garden related costs by selling duplicate plants, many rare and unusual, from our collection.

When propagating plants, either by cutting or seeds, it is natural to attempt more than one needs, anticipating a certain failure rate. Experience shows that you either get nearly 100% success or 100% failure, so you often end up with 'excess plants' (or none).

PCI Harden's Plum

 Pacific Coast Iris

Harden's Plum

This was the first Pacific Coast Iris that flowered for me from seed that I had sown, and it has proved to be one of the best. Seed was from a Iris society exchange, so I have no idea of the parentage, though I suspect it has some douglasiana in it. 

A shorter variety, but very floriferous, robust constitution, forked flower stems (douglasiana?) 

I may register this one.

Harden's Apricot

 Pacific Coast Iris

Harden's Apricot

Beautiful flower, but not a very vigorous grower. Flowered for the last three years but only set seed in 2022. Seedlings (open pollinated) are also not vigorous, and have not as yet flowered. I am loath to split the main plant until they do as it might die and I will lose the colour. I have no other iris with this colour combination. 

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