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 This page is split into two sections: Pacific Coast Iris, all other Iris. This is because the best time for splitting the different types varies.

1. Pacific Coast Iris

These are best dug and split in the Autumn after they have started into growth. Here in Lincolnshire this is end of September to early October. Plants are potted and allowed to settle and start root growth before I offer then for sale. This is usually mid November.

This is not the ideal time to market any plant, which may be one reason for them not being available commercially.

Pacific Coast Irises can be planted from their pots from November until Spring, in periods of favourable weather conditions.  Do not let the pots freeze if waiting for suitable weather, and when planting keep the root ball as intact as possible, don't try to split the iris further.

Some suppliers offer bare root plants at lifting time. My experience of trying to establish bare root PCIs is very poor, so I do not offer this option. 

Current Pacific Coast Iris varieties available 

Click on links below to see Plant Profiles

More to follow in autumn 2024.

2. Other Iris Types

These include: Bearded Iris - mainly dwarf varieties,  water loving Iris - Ensata, versicolor, fulva, and species crosses and finally some species.

The list below is availability as of January 2024, some only in small quantities. Please enquire if stock is still available
Name Type        Notes
Big Blue Eyes      Standard Dwarf Bearded
Bluebeards Ghost      Standard Dwarf Bearded
Bright Moment      Standard Dwarf Bearded       Small for a standard Dwarf, and early.
Burlesque Cutie     Standard Dwarf Bearded
Dark Crystal      Standard Dwarf Bearded       Strong grower, often re-flowers.
Gingerbread Man     Standard Dwarf Bearded       Strong grower, unusual colour.
Golden Zebra      Standard Dwarf Bearded       Wrong name! variegata type. Late Flowering
Green Spot      Standard Dwarf Bearded       Strong grower but rots if too wet.
Holden Clough     Species cross       pseudacorus sport? Likes it wet.
Langport Flame      Intermediate Bearded
Langport Wren      Intermediate Bearded
Lazica      Species      Flowers Feb to Apr. Full sun.
Pastel Ballet      Standard Dwarf Bearded
Pink Blink      Miniature Dwarf Bearded
Pogo      Intermediate Bearded       Small for an intermediate!
Sleepy Time     Miniature Dwarf Bearded      Usually the first bearded to flower.
Snow Tree      Standard Dwarf Bearded       Strong grower but rots if too wet.
tectorum Album     Species      Crested Iris 'Roof Iris' Treat as a bearded
variegata hybrid ex CGF      Species      Intermediate size, dark leaf bases
Zipper     Miniature Dwarf Bearded       Very small.

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